Package globus.glmap

Class GLMapDownloadTask


public class GLMapDownloadTask extends Object
GLMapDownloadTask downloads map and extracts it at the same time
  • Field Details

    • map

      @NonNull public final GLMapInfo map
      Map of task
    • dataSet

      public final int dataSet
      DataSet of task
    • error

      public GLMapError error
      Error of task. Becomes valid after task is finished.
    • cancelled

      public boolean cancelled
      True if task is cancelled. Becomes valid after task is finished.
    • speed

      public float speed
      Speed of data transfer
    • total

      public int total
      Total number of bytes to download
    • downloaded

      public int downloaded
      Downloaded number of bytes
  • Method Details

    • cancel

      public void cancel()
      Cancels task.