Package globus.glmap

Class GLMapImageGroup

public final class GLMapImageGroup extends GLMapDrawObject
GLMapImageGroup is a bridge class, to work with GLMap internal representation of image group. Image groups are used to display small set of images for the large number of locations. E.g. 10 kinds of bookmark at 1000 places on map.
  • Constructor Details

    • GLMapImageGroup

      public GLMapImageGroup(@NonNull GLMapImageGroupCallback callback, int drawOrder)
      Initializes group with callback and drawOrder
      callback - The callback that called by GLMapView to obtain information about images
      drawOrder - Draw order used to sort objects on map
  • Method Details

    • setNeedsUpdate

      public void setNeedsUpdate(boolean updateVariants)
      Triggers update images in group.
      updateVariants - if true image variants will be also updated.
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