Package globus.glmap

Class GLMapLocaleSettings


public class GLMapLocaleSettings extends GLNativeObject
`GLMapLocaleSettings` sets language order to all `GLMapView` objects

Following map languages is included in vector map data:
native - native language for country or region
en - English
de - German
es - Spanish
fr - French
it - Italian
ja - Japanese
nl - Dutch
ru - Russan
zh - Chinese
uk - Urkrainian
be - Belarusian
Check [Multilingual names in OpenStreetMap]( for more information.

  • Field Details

    • order

      @NonNull public final String[] order
      Order of languages
    • unitSystem

      public final int unitSystem
      Unit system
  • Constructor Details

    • GLMapLocaleSettings

      public GLMapLocaleSettings()
      Default constructor set order of languages to [Locale.getDefault(), "native", GLUnitSystem.International]
    • GLMapLocaleSettings

      public GLMapLocaleSettings(@NonNull String[] order, int unitSystem)
      Constructor with defined order of languages
      order - order of languages to check localization
      unitSystem - unit system
  • Method Details

    • getValidLanguages

      @NonNull public static HashSet<String> getValidLanguages()
      List of languages stored inside map data and supported by framework
      Set of valid languages