Package globus.glmap

Class GLMapScaleRuler

public class GLMapScaleRuler extends GLMapDrawObject
Draws scale ruler on screen
  • Constructor Details

    • GLMapScaleRuler

      public GLMapScaleRuler(int drawOrder)
      Default constructor
      drawOrder - draw order of object
  • Method Details

    • setPlacement

      public void setPlacement(int placement, int paddingX, int paddingY, double maxWidth)
      Set style of scale ruler.
       mapView.setScaleRulerStyle(GLUnitSystem.International, GLMapPlacement.BottomCenter, new MapPoint(10, 10), 200);
      placement - alignment of text
      paddingX - x padding of scale ruler in points
      paddingY - y padding of scale ruler in points
      maxWidth - width of scale hit in points
    • setBottomText

      public void setBottomText(@Nullable String text)
      Sets text that will be displayed under scale ruler.
      text - text to display